We Are

We are Tino and Angela, married in 2009 and also known as Dutch Nomad Couple. We both left our 9-5 full-time corporate jobs and made the switch to a free and independent lifestyle as Nomadic Entrepreneurs. We see the world as one big playground, travel to wonderful places to enjoy other cultures and lifestyles and we are exploring our path to becoming global citizens.

We Make

Shoot pictures, create video series, tell stories and develop concepts is what we love to do the most. We vlog and blog about our Lifestyle and travel adventures and in the same time, we unravel the secrets of digital marketing. The reason why we enjoy the thrill and possibilities of sharing our experiences with our followers on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook is to inspire and encourage others in realizing their dreams.

Our Story

From a stunning apartment in the city of Dordrecht, Holland’s oldest city, to varying places in the world, which we temporarily call home. We traded well-stocked wardrobes with stylish fashion items for two backpacks with bare essentials. An office full of papers reduced to two MacBooks which act as portable office for our administration, publishing and editing, research library and communications centre. We enjoy the freedom of being able to travel full time around the world. We are living our dream.


Inspiring keynotes


Influencer collaborations


Number of months without alarm clock


Number of used flip flops

Why we get up every morning

In all we do, we believe we challenge ourselves to be all that we can be, to achieve the best possible results in the life we have chosen. We believe in working and living the passion and talents from within. Intuitively, thoughtfully and with a fresh look at the world around us, we create our stories and concepts which we bring visually to share with the world at large. We pass on our stories and hand out tips & handy hints for all available to apply immediately should people want to do so. We hope to inspire you to follow and live your dream. That is why we bounce full of energy out of our bed each morning!


“This is the perfect promo material that we needed to inspire a new audience. We never had such realistic and natural footage, you see the real life on board”  Nicole van Zwienen, Marketing Manager Sailingship Eendracht, August’17


Dutch Nomad Couple

In 2015 we drove in a VW T2 old timer camper through the French Alps. During this road trip we followed our intuition and slowly our dream and future became clear. We dreamt of a life with more freedom and joyful experiences. Less work stress, more ownership of the life we wanted to live and to do what we do well. Using our natural born talents, we honed over the years. Traveling and being self-employed. That is what restores our energy levels. When we returned home from our road trip we both resigned from our jobs, sold many of our belongings and rented out our home.

Our life as the Dutch Nomad Couple had begun!

Angela Kreijns

Nomadic Entrepreneur

Freedom and independence are my most treasured core values. It gives me energy to enthuse and inspire people to help achieve their dreams. I am a people person, sporty, intuitive and have the ability to place myself in someone’s circumstance. This enables me to quickly bond, set up a valuable connection with people. This too is one of the enjoyable and worthwhile aspects of being part of this traveling nomadic lifestyle. Meeting with new people along the way.

Tino Kreijns

Nomadic Entrepreneur

When do I experience the ‘time flies’ moments? While filming, editing and publishing the videos. Or when I am designing or giving seminars online, although I do prefer the more personal ‘live’ on stage presentations. Time flies while I am pondering, planning and preparing and launching those ideas I wish to share with others I enjoy the possibility of sharing my talents, ideals and initiatives. It energises me. These are my crowning moments, when I can display that which I do to the best of my ability.

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