Today we sailed from Palermo to an amazing spot on the coast of Sicily. While diving and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with more like-minded people, we realized, this is one of these fantastic adventures that we have been experiencing since we stopped our corporate jobs and followed our dream. To let our days be influenced by the here and now where ever we are and whatever is happening around us. This is the lifestyle that we embraced just over three years ago!

We are convinced that everyone who desires such a lifestyle can succeed in creating it, just like we did. Yes, it takes a leap of faith, but dreams are just that. Sometimes you just need a little push or KICKSTART to get yourself moving. As we know from experience, the first step is always the hardest. This is why we would like to offer you this small push, this incentive to take the next step. By participating in a One Day Online Bootcamp.

The One Day Online Bootcamp will be the kickstart in your process towards your location independent lifestyle. This experience will introduce you to the ‘Follow Your Dream Model’ we have developed. We will inspire you and encourage you to make your dream a reality. Your inner flame of enthusiasm will be re-fueled and you get that extra boost which will assist you into realizing your dream! Through practical models, creative and result-oriented exercises, we ensure that you find solutions and answers to your questions. By performing various experiments, you will be made aware of the various possibilities, identify your direction and take the next steps in the realization of your new lifestyle.

For more than three years now, we have lived this full-time travel & working life. Just this year alone we have lived in Argentina, we’ve explored Chile and enjoyed the warmth of Morocco. Presently we are attending a co-working retreat in Sicily. What next month may bring is still a mystery waiting to unfold. What we are sure of is that it will be an unforgettable destination yet again. This lifestyle has brought us to many beautiful places and we’ve met a lot of great people along the way.

Every step we took to get to this point in our lives is what we have put into this Bootcamp programme. So basically, with this Bootcamp, you’ll get access to our knowledge, network, and expertise. It just gives you the kickstart you need to get into the flow of realizing dreams.


★ One Day Bootcamp starting on Saturday, April 20th 2019

★ Live interaction with Angela & Tino during this day 

★ The One Day Online Bootcamp can be done independently of time and location

★ Using a digital workbook with surprising and challenging exercises, tips, examples, and inspirational items

★ Access to Angela & Tino’s network

★ A maximum of 7 participants for this One Day Online Bootcamp edition

★ Optional Skype coaching afterward with Angela & Tino


★ Clarity about your dream

★ Concrete direction and actions that help you realize your dream

★ New knowledge, inspiration and valuable contacts

So, to give a boost to finding and realizing your dream, the One Day Online Bootcamp is for you!

Do you want to live a time and location independent lifestyle? Leave your comment below or send us an Instagram or Facebook PM “Yes, I want this KICKSTART” right away and we send you all the detailed information of this One Day Online Bootcamp. We only have 7 spots for the Bootcamp which starts this Saturday, April 20th.

Looking forward to your PM!
Cheers, Angela & Tino

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