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Work with us

We Share Our Expertise

Our lifestyle causes others to want to know more. They become inquisitive, curious. We are in awe of the reactions of those who follow our progress, ask advice, offer their support and sometimes confirm in us that conviction we have made the right choice. There are those who feel vindicated by also following the lifestyle we have embraced.

We share our knowledge of being nomadic since 2016 and know we can inspire you and your company with our hands-on expertise in how to build an online brand which makes people curious to learn what are the secrets of being successful. Yes, we have a golden nugget which can also be adapted to your situation. Being a travel agency, tourist board or any other travel related business.

Content Creators

Photography, writing blogs, sharing videos, telling stories and unraveling the secrets of social media marketing. We are eager to share our expertise to help you make your dreams come true. Since we travel full time ourselves and have a wide network of travel influencers, we can supply you with new, fresh and attractive imagery.

Looking for authentic photos and engaging video footage for your social channels, check where we are, contact us and we find a solution to get you this travel related content.

Full Time Travelers

We have reduced our belongings to a minimalistic level and have no fixed address. Pacing ourselves, we jointly research and visit the most beautiful places in the world. It isn’t our intention, nor do we, rush through cities, townships and villages but we immerse ourselves in the cultures of the places we visit. We aren’t tourists, nor are we backpackers or expats. We believe we are the new generation “Citizens of the world”.

Keynote Speakers

We will gladly share our story with you. We aim to inspire those considering a lifestyle change on a personal or professional level. Allowing an insight into those possibilities open to the adventurous amongst you. Awakening new exciting ideas and arousing the desire to make your dreams come true.

Based on our experiences and breaking down the steps we go through everytime we start to follow a new dream, we determine four different stages. With these four stages, we make the phrase Follow Your Dream tangible.


Dutch Nomad Couple

We, as Dutch Nomad Couple, like to create content and inspire other people. We can collaborate! For more information on our reach, demographics and what we can bring to a project or concept, please contact us and request our Media Kit.


Sponsored Posts

Promote your country, brand or trip to other travelers and couples? We can do this via our Social Media Channels and Website. Press Tours, sponsored blogs/articles or something else? Email us; hello@dutchnomadcouple.com


Just a question?

Do you have a question about how to travel more or full-time, where to start with realizing your dream, a good idea or just want to meet? Contact us by sending a message on Instagram, Facebook or fill in the contact form.

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